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Lesson 3
Warming up, core training and pointing the blade (23:19 min.)

Lesson 4
Warming up, stretching and sabre cuts (36:24 min.)

Lesson 7
Push-ups, flick skills foil & sabre cut (29:06 min.)

Lesson 5
The referee & the fencing rules
(56:10 Min.)

Lesson 8
Warming up, épée & foil control (10:32 min.)

Lesson 6
Footwork and épée tactics
(7:10 Min.)

Lesson 9
Lower body excersises, foil drill, sabre cuts (23:40 Min.)

Virtual Fencing

Due to COVID-19 the ESA ESTEC premises is closed for our sport. Fencing training has resumed in the gym of the Leo Kanner School in Oegstgeest as a temporary solution until May 2021 when ESTEC is hopefully available again.. Now about 20 fencers can train, get lessons and fence bouts. In addition, the club can still offer you and your family some virtual support with the video’s below.

Our own fencing maestro Rudolph Francis has developed a series of short videos to remain fit and keep working on the basic principles and techniques in your own home. In this way we’ll help you to remain focussed on your fencing and be ready when normal training sessions resume. Feel free to do the exercises alone, or, even more fun, with your friends or family members. Click on a lesson for that specific video.

Lesson 1
The En Garde
(12:27 min.)

Lesson 2
Handling the foil, the epée and the sabre (17:10 min.)

Lesson 3
Core training and pointing the blade (23:19 min.)

Lesson 10
Mobility: balestra, patinado, quartato, etc. (17:30 min.)

Lesson 11
Isometric training, fitness and sentiment de fer (30:33 Min.)

Lesson 12
Stretching, Le Froissement and sabre drill (35:56 Min.)

Lesson 13
Warming up, reaction and Le Liement - foil/épée (19:50 min.)

Lesson 14
Right moment of attack, coup droit - direct attack (29:33 min.)

Lesson 15
Science and art of handling the sword, Doigté (24:38 min.)

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