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EFC Invitation Tournament rescheduled to Sat 26 Nov 2022

Every year in November we organise the EFC Invitation Tournament. The competition is open to all fencers, also from outside ESTEC. The tournament is listed on the KNAS calendar and conforms to their regulations. Participants must be a member of KNAS. It is a recreational tournament early in the season, which provides great practice for all levels of competitive fencers, highly appreciated for its relaxed atmosphere. Nearly 100 fencers from all ages take part on foil, épée and sabre. Including supporters, the crowd is usually around 150 people. Due to COVID-19 the tournament is rescheduled to Sat 26 Nov 2022.


E-mail us if you want to to attend.

Tournament poster (click to see all posters)

Photos of 2019

Here is a selection of photo’s that were taken during the latest tournament so you can recall some of the highlights from all the different categories.

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Results of 2019

Here you can find the results of all the rounds and the direct elimination from the different categories (ages, weapons).

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